Wednesday, July 6, 2011

sa teda duit mo kawen...

tsk tsk tsk....

i've been doubting to write since forever and then, what the heck... it's my blog anyway and it's for my own reading in the future too.. as a remembrance of how my life had been and how i survive through it all..

now, i'm basically 24 years old of age and this coming 12th July is my 1 year anniversary of working.. yada! and yet, sad thing is i still haven't got suffice saving for myself or maybe none. darn! i dunno what happen to my money.. my earning is ok.. still..

yeap, i have a house to pay.. last year when i just start working, i'm buying a house for my family under my name with my parents.. it's a cool house, a double story corner (which me myself haven't sleep in there yet).. well, every month i need to pay for most of the payment which is rather big for a newbie in the working world.. i'm not taking it as a burden coz i know the condition of my family, our nett income as a whole, so it is ok for me.. i'm the eldest.. so what else can i expect, the ball is on me now..

and the money, yes, most of it are going out.. i really hope i can keep it! still, there are times when i envy people who have saving.. i should learn and do it instantly.. no excuses.. right?! yes, sometimes you know, i do want to spend my money for myself too like the others.. buying stuffs that i've been longing.. a transport for myself to be precise, now.. one year of working and i still haven't got my own transport.. i tumpang people and sometimes i just walk going and coming back from the plant.. i do feel bitter bout it but then i understand the whole situation and take a grasp on whatever beliefs i have to make me strong and just don't bother about it..

every now and then, i believe, if i see this financial thinggy as a problem, it will never end unless other wise i'm looking at it differently and start planning something about it.. right now, it still feels like being in uni. kejap ada duit kejap teda.. kalo teda, makan maggi la geng.. haha..

i always remind myself to not allow this whole things make me feel troubled and i believe i can survive through this.. so stan, you are able lah.. (there you go again, self advice to myself)

and lately i've been listening to a sabahan song by Jimmy Palikat, adui btul2 untuk sa oo skrang.. anak kampung..

so, susah la mo kawen ni kalo duit teda.. haha.. mo cari gf pun jgn mimpi la dulu.. haha..

peeps, bersyukurlah dgn apa yang ko ada sekarang.. if you think life is hard, there are other people living a more difficult life than you, same goes to me..

whatever it is, God will provides and i put my trust in that.