Sunday, July 18, 2010

-progress report.. ahah..

so, it has been more than 1 week i'm here in Langkawi.. first week of working, not so busy, still in the orientation phase, getting to know all the staffs, sections and understand the whole process of cement making.. this week, the production YE ( Young Engineers) will begin our training at each section in the production part beginning with quarry tomorrow..

if u ask me, actually i'm really not into technical work but then i'm a person who have big responsibilities on my shoulder. i need to find a good job with a good pay. still, i begin to like my job gradually. i found it is interesting and challenging at the same time. well, taking care of quarries is a really big task k.. i somehow really looking forward to start my job.. yippi..

this week, i learnt that two of my friends were making some big decision on their life. one is my own best friend who quit his current course in Biology to take up the course that he really likes which is art and design. his parents don't know about this and i believe that it takes a lot of courage and consideration for him to act on his decision. his parents are not really supportive of his dreams to take up arts. another one, is a good friend of mine whom i met during SALT camp. what i know is that he rejected a job offer as financial consultant in a local bank at Sabah. he chose to become a worker in a small-pay welfare center.

from my own perspective both of them are people whom i really adore. they follow their dreams and do what they will be enjoying. nowadays, society have high expectations on the younger generations. sometimes, i think everyone think that you can only success if you got a good job with high salaries that spell BRIGHT FUTURE. the way i see it, these two people are taking command of their own life and really know what they truly want and seize it. i believe they too will become successful people in regards of their field but for me what more important is that they live their life the way they want it and happy of it.

yet, not all have the privileges to make decision on their own life. some need to take into accounts those who relying and depending on them. thus, they need to do what is best for them. especially for the first born. sometimes they need to sacrifice a lot. it's a responsibility that lies on the shoulder since they were born. for me, i don't see this as a burden. to be able to provide the best for someone you love i believe will give you a great satisfaction too.

as far as i am concerned, i like my current job and i believe God will guide me along the way too. and yeah, my motivation is my family as what i told my interviewers last time. i will do well, i'm sure.

so folks, as i told one of my friend before, whatever decision you make, if you put you trust in God on the decision you made, i believe everything will go well.



i'm_siCK_n_tiReD said...

thanx stan! dats inspiring! Hehe.. good luck tu you too... remember dat me & buri always support u no matter what keyh~

Anonymous said...

betol....saya pun kagum dgn sixtus..kalau sy, i wont reject the finacial consultant post...